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The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA)
It affects your Business - are you compliant?

In order to conform to the DDA all of your employees should be trained in the DDA and know how to communicate, assist and integrate people with disabilities. By making simple adjustments to the way your organisation works, you can positively welcome disabled customers, or employees, increase your customer numbers and ensure legal compliance at the same time.

After 25+ years in consultancy and after welcoming over 3,500 guests to Blagdon Farm where each visiting party has a disabled member, David & Sue have gained an unparalleled  insight and experience into both understanding and helping to look after those with an extensive range of disabilities. When it was suggested that because of their experience and backgrounds they should themselves deliver disability awareness training, they undertook the challenge.

The result of this are the Disability Awareness courses. These consist of
Physical Impairment, Hearing Impairment and Vision Impairment courses. Each course  uses a blend of classroom lectures along with team challenges to form a thorough understanding of the issues involved and practical ways to help those with impaired faculties.

Each module looks at the Disability Discrimination Act and how it affects every business and employee and, in light of this, what individuals and organisations can do to comply with the act. Disability awareness deafness awareness Blind awareness

The Motabililty Scheme which arranges for a car for the registered disabled, has recently welcomed Keith Price Garages to the scheme. We know David Gait (Sales Director) of Keith Price Garages and have bought several cars from him ourselves and are delighted to be able to recommend him. So, if you would like a new Volvo rather than the usual Ford or Vauxhall, or would just like to find out more, give David a ring on 01873 857644 and say David & Sue sent you.

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