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lifechange marriagebuilder FAQ

marriagebuilder FAQs

Who is marriagebuilder for?
 marriagebuilder is for anyone who cares about their marriage and relationship and feels that it may have lost something or simply needs refreshing. We service our cars, spring clean our homes marriagebuilder is simply this for marriages.  

What will I have to do on marriagebuilder?
  marriagebuilder employs a non-confrontational approach and uses a series of case studies on a fictional couple called Jamie and Sally. Each module has a different situation which you consider together in a small team. After discussing what you think is happening in this case study, the teams feedback their thoughts.

How long is marriagebuilder?
 marriagebuilder consists of ten modules, on a 'once a week' basis. The course lasts twelve weeks including the introduction and the concluding modules. A weekend course is also available

Is there any studying for marriagebuilder?
 marriagebuilder requires no studying although we do have a list of books you may care to read., All that the course requests is that you review what you discussed in the previous module with your partner. Every delegate has their own folder and each module has a notes and thoughts page which we suggest you complete and then discuss with your spouse.

How much is marriagebuilder?
 marriagebuilder is a course that we would really like couples to enjoy and attend, we therefore work on a basis of please contribute what you think it is, or has, been worth.

What is the format and where is marriagebuilder held
 marriagebuilder may be  held anywhere but normally in a home during the early evening, in a relaxed atmosphere. Sessions are about two to two and a half hours in length. The sessions are fun and often filled with much laughter and chat.

What have couples said about marriagebuilder?
  I found myself enjoying each session and this increased every time. I also found the quality of Dave & Sue's relationship, particularly how they reacted to each other, gave me a sense of security and comfort. I approached our homework with some trepidation. However the structure of the workbook questions established powerful things to be brought up and shared much more easily than I had expected. I was encouraged by the way that we were able to face issues and discuss them together.

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