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what you say

We use questionnaires and anonymous feedback forms to ensure we provide helpful and appropriate material on our courses. Here are just some of the comments we have received about marriagebuilder..

'The guidance of the marriagebuilder course saved our marriage

'This has been an amazing experience and truly Lifechanging'

'Very Good Course - well run and a friendly, settled atmosphere. Has helped me immensly, would be willing to do the course again if it encouraged others'

The whole course was excellent and I really enjoyed it. Our relationship has and will benefit'

'It helped us to talk which we don't do a lot of. Sometimes it was quite difficult especially having to change!'

'It has been been helpful and useful Our relationship has benefited even just the time spent talking to each other and giving each other time. Some really helpful hints e.g. 'T H I N K and A D A P T have reminded me to be selfless rather than selfish - or at least try to be'

'Made us aware of the ways in which we've let things slide over the years'
'Some of the modules were difficult for us to discuss by ourselves in our own time. However doing so has enabled us to start explaining these 'difficult' areas. Without this course we would not have got started. The sessions seemed too short. We would have willingly done more exercises'
'It helped us to start talking again and made us think before we say something hurtful'

'Helped us talk about things. Very glad we did the course'

In the early weeks I felt threatened and exposed as I knew that there were big issues in our relationship. I thought the case studies and sessions quite methodically raised these issues but in a non- threatening way. I found myself enjoying each session and this increased every time. I also found the quality of Dave & Sue's relationship, particularly how they reacted to each other, gave me a sense of security and comfort. I approached our homework with some trepidation. However the structure of the workbook questions established powerful things to be brought up and shared much more easily than I had expected. I was encouraged by the way that we were able to face issues and discuss them together
The Course

the course



What you say

what you say

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