Engage, Encourage, Empower teambuilder course

the course

Is a course that consists core modules that can be used as required. A minimum of two days is required for all key modules which permits extended  outdoor challenges and team building exercises with time for team work and feedback sessions.

Exploits the philosophy
"What I hear I forget"
"What I see I remember"
"What I do I understand"
by raising individuals self-awareness through practical exercises
teambuilder builds understanding of what it makes to be a good team member and build a successful team.

We are often asked to design specific courses and challenges for differing organisations and are happy to tailor-design courses for any organisation. Courses my be 1 - 5 days.

Challenges available include:

Nuclear Plant Shutdown
The Big Picture
Egg Throw
Boat Race
Rocket Builder
Building Project
Great Communicator
Launch a new chocolate
Juggling Balls
What would YOU do?
Dream Team
+ Business Awareness Exercises:
Customer Satisfation
Business Development
SWOT Analysis
Character Type Analysis

The Course

the course

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What you say

what you say

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