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Lifechange Life Coaching  What areas can it help

Coaching can help in any area of your life where you want to see positive change.

Career – Job, training or further education? Choosing a career or changing your career may be a somewhat haphazard process. Coaching can help you look at your aptitudes, abilities and your desires and interests, and can help you explore all your possibilities and clarify your thinking.

Learning to live with another person – When setting up home and having someone else to consider in your life, issues will arise such as finances & budgeting and sharing of responsibilities. It is so valuable to look at relationships and learn how to get along together, how to be considerate of  the other person and create a happy environment.

Living without that special person - You continue to live alone, perhaps when friends all around are pairing off and leaving you on the sidelines. Here the coaching process can help you to maintain confidence and self-esteem and to feel valued and listened to as you work through the disappointment, if that is what you are feeling, of not having so far found the right person.

Coping with kids and family - When children come along, there may be other areas to consider, which could include giving up work but having to make ends meet by budgeting and careful planning. Coaching can help with managing home finances, making the most of the money available, even extending to things like making meals on a budget and using leftovers creatively. You may also value help with finding the time to look after yourself in the midst of all this.

Work/life balance -maybe you are working either full or part-time or perhaps even consider starting your own business. Coaching can help you to think through what your options are, what your priorities are, what childcare and other practical arrangements need to be made in order to make this a reality. You will also need to find and maintain a work-life balance which is realistic and enables you to feel that you can stay in control of the situation.

Childlessness - If a baby doesn't come along as planned, coaching can help you work through coming to terms with this and help you think positively about setting other goals in the meantime.

Relationship problems - counselling may be your first option in the hope of turning things around, but coaching could help you if you did find yourself having to make a new start and a new life alone, especially in finding confidence and self-esteem once again.

Health & Fitness - The whole area of health & fitness, and weight management is of great interest to me as a former Rosemary Conley fitness instructor, as I have seen firsthand the change it makes to people's lives when they feel good about themselves and have the energy they need to live life to the full.

Empty Nest or Retirement - When the children leave home or you retire, coaching can help you cope with re-evaluating your goals and aspirations now that you have more time for you.  Many opportunities will now open up to you in the professional and voluntary sectors, so you may need help thinking through your options, making plans and gaining the confidence to enter a new and unfamiliar environment.

Older age –If you are having to cope with the loss of a lifelong partner or with your own illness or disability, then some extra support may help you re-evaluate your life and restore your enthusiasm and energy by looking forward and planning new things to do.

So you can see that coaching could help people at any stage of their life. I was so encouraged by a lady I coached, who is embarking on a project that she has been considering for seven years!